JOIN ME in my INNER CIRCLE PLATINUM PROTEGE Programme, and YOU could be making 3,000 to 9,000 every month, part time, within the next six to twelve months... even on a shoestring budget!

"Would you buy bread from a cobbler? Have your hair cut by a plumber? So why try and learn how to make money online from people who've never done it?

During the last three years online, I've pulled in an average of 12,856 EVERY SINGLE MONTH using nothing more than my computer, and some simple e-marketing systems I've been refining over the last few years...

NOW, I'm finally ready to share my methods and, if you copy exactly what I show you, I estimate YOUR earnings could easily reach 3,000 to 9,000 each month, within the next six to twelve months, starting from scratch and working just two to three hours each day.

... And to show you how serious I am, I'm going to sit down with you and help you achieve this... IN PERSON!


For a number of excellent business reasons, as you'll discover when you read the rest of this letter.

If you're looking for a hand-held, proven wealth-creating system that really works... doesn't require twelve hours a day, seven days a week, and delivers HUGE REWARDS,then you owe it to yourself to read what I have to say.

And because I only want to invest my time and effort in people who havethe right mindset for success, I'm making this a very limited offer.

A few screen shots from my accounts to show that this is the real deal

One of my 'Wall of Cash' accounts

November 2008 - 5,071.05

February 2009 - 3,778.00

May 2009 - 3,708.91

June 2009 - 8,526.92

August 2009 - 6,540.39

The 1 to Fortunes Method

September 2008 - 10,886.75

October 2008 - 12,359.00

November 2008 - 5,598.00

The 'Bomb' Method

Thursday, 26th March 2009 - 36,030.65

More PayPal Withdrawals

8th July 2010 - 14,875.00

20th July 2010 - 3,150.00

9th September 2010 - 5,797.44

28th September 2010 - 7,000.48

PayPal Withdrawals

20th April 2011 - 2,862.48

4th May 2011 - 4,100.00

6th May 2011 - 2,584.50

Clickbank account 2

Clickbank account 1

Clickbank account 1

Clickbank account 1

Clickbank account 1

As you can see, this is no fluke. These are consistent returns that my systems continue to make each and every time I use them.


My name is Matt Bisogno, and I honestlydon't believe that anyone has ever offered anything quite socomprehensive and achievable as this before and, as you read on, I'mgoing to show you an incredibly simple way to copy the simplemoney-getting systems that took me from a frustrated bank worker to a very comfortable, free as a bird lifestyle at the age of just 41!!

If you decide to work with me on this, Iguarantee you'll see results quickly... in fact you could be seeingyour first income literally within weeks of finishing reading thisletter...

I'm not joking...

I personally use these methods to bank between 6,000 and 40,000 A MONTH...Actually, that's a little unfair, as I've only had four forty thousandpound months. Normally it's more like six to twelve thousand each month.

OK, now before I give you all the details I think it's important that I explain exactly what's involved and the sort of results you can expect to achieve if you decide to join me...

In fact, as you read through this letter, you'll get everything you need to know, nothing will be withheld.

Holdtight, because this promises to be the simplest and easiest RISK FREEway for YOU to join ME at the 'Top Table' of Horse Racing SystemsMarketers...

It all started for me about seven years ago when I noticed a small group of individuals who were quietly helping themselves to what amounted to a drop in the ocean of the MILLIONS OF POUNDS being spent daily on the internet.

Now that might not sound hugelyimpressive, until you realise that those 'drops in the ocean' added upto a pretty sizable chunk of money. In fact, I estimate that some ofthose guys were siphoning off upwards of five thousand pounds a PURE PROFIT.

But the best part was that these guys had hardly to lift a finger, once they'd set up their 'system' in the first place.

Of course it's true that millions ofpeople were trying (and still are!) to make a living on the internet,and it occurred to me that if this small group of individuals weresucceeding where so many others were failing, they had to be doing something different... something nobody else was doing.

Long story short, I started researchingwhat it was that they were doing and, after months of hard work, trialand error, and expensive training courses, I cracked it... I 'reverse engineered' several of their successful methods and used them myself in my own business to pull in huge lumps of cash.

And that's why I'm writing to you today: because I have something very special that I know you're going to be excited about...

You see, I've developed a series of incredibly simple money-making formulas. And I've proven that they work (...having pulled in up to 36,000 IN A SINGLE DAY!)and now for the first time I'd love to show you how YOU can copy themto build your own mega-successful business... and of course, to pull inlarge profits! In fact, I'm even going to sit down and go through thiswith you step by step.

Now as you'd expect, there's also something in it for me and I'll come to that in a minute. But first, let me ask you...

What difference would an extra 2,862.48, 10,886.75 or even 36,030.65 a month make to your life, particularly if you could get started without giving up what you're doing now?

Imagine writing cheques to clear all ofyour credit cards, and to pay off huge slices of your mortgage... allwithin a few months of getting up and running. That would be something,wouldn't it?

Or maybe your aspirations are moreconservative. What about an extra thousand pounds a month? How much ofa difference would that make to you and your family?

Spacious coastal property, paid for entirely by your new online business?

In fact, an extra thousand pounds a month would service a 250,000 mortgage. So, how about a second home in France?

That's not a pipe dream any more, it's avery reasonable and realistic prospect. In fact, I know of a number ofhorse racing systems online marketers who have homes abroad...including me.

Bizarrely, and mainly because I am a bitof a 'weird scientist' and contrarian (which is how I came to work outthe methods I use to make money online), my second home is in thebeautiful city of Bratislava in Slovakia. The mortgage on thatextremely centrally located property, worth over €200,000, is a shadeover €500 a month (and less than 500 a month).

It is an investment for me, and it is comfortably covered by my business incomes.

Actually, and funnily enough, the reason Ipublished the image to the right (from the gorgeous West coast ofFrance, close to La Rochelle) is because I am searching for athird property, and this time I want somewhere that I can spend timemyself, rather than renting out to other people.

Of course, your aspirations may be moremodest (or more adventurous). Either way, the point I'm illustrating isthat as little as an extra thousand pounds a month goes a very long way. And, believe me, it's easily within reach. Just 25 to 30 subscribers with the 'Wall of Cash' method would do it.

My big 'vice' is travel, and since Istarted online I've been able to take holidays pretty much whenever Ilike. So much so that for the last two years, I have been abroadat least ten times each year! And my business not only pays for it, but italso allows me to 'work' from there too. Wherever I am. All I need ismy trusty laptop, and an internet connection. Imagine that sort ofgenuine freedom in your life...

Please note, I'm not telling you this tobrag or gloat, or anything like that... nothing could be further frommy mind. Rather, I'm telling you this to show you that I don't just'talk the talk', but I also 'walk the walk'. And I want you to see how different your life can be too, if you just accept that there is another way of doing things.

Howwould you feel knowing that you were capable of generating anywhere upto 9,000+ every month, within the next six to twelve months?

What difference would that make to yourlifestyle? For most people, it's not even about the luxuries, it'sabout the little things...

As I said, my methods give you the FREEDOM to work as and when you feel like it... if you can call watching and writing about horse racing 'work'...

You can take time off whenever you want,to do something special for those dear to you, without the hassles of aboss telling you what to do... you don't need to miss another schoolsports day... or anniversary... or... well, whatever is special to youand yours.

Or you can just take the day off when youfeel like it. If I want to go racing (which I often do!), it's noproblem. I just hop on the rattler, head to the track and goof off for the day.

My 'home from home' for ten years...

Thisis how I live, and so can you when you put my methods to work for you.Mind you, for me it's not always been like this... for years, I wascaught in the rat race, just 'existing' from day to day, week to week,month to month.

I worked in an office for a major Britishbank (now State-owned) with my 'safe job'.Actually, and this is not even remotely funny, but a lot of mycolleagues thought I was mad when I gave it all up to do what I do now.

And now a number of them are the oneslooking for work. It's a terrible irony, and is one of the reasons Iwas looking to take accountability for myself.

Like I say, I worked at that desk, withpaper everywhere, and the phone ringing incessantly, and going tomeetings where nothing ever seemed to happen, and explaining to my bosswhy I'd done A, B and C in triplicate four times a day... it drove mehalf way to despair.

But then one day, through a chancemeeting, I was introduced to someone who showed me a completely novelway of working for myself from home.

Well that meeting led directly to me developing my own business and, over time, 'cracking the code' to the methods that were making the BIG money using the internet.

Now of course, some of the results I'vebeen achieving are exceptional... after all, I've been at this for overseven years now. But with what I'm about to show you, there really isno reason why you shouldn't be pulling in...

...3,000 to 9,000 A MONTH yourself within the first year!

Don't forget, I've done all the hard workfor you. I've spent literally tens of thousands of pounds learning, refiningand perfecting these methods... I've fine tuned them so that EVERYTHING has been tried, tested, and ultimately PROVEN and if you take this opportunity seriously, it can give you a very comfortable lifestyle indeed!

Okay Matt, sounds interesting, so tell me, what exactly is your Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme?

I'll come to that in a second but first, let me just assure you that there's absolutely nothing difficult about ANYTHING I do that brings in these incredible returns.

You need no previous experience ortechnical knowledge, and even if you've never done anything like thisbefore, with the training materials I've got for you... I PROMISE YOU THAT THIS STUFF IS SO STRAIGHTFORWARD ...

Iwas a frustrated bank employee don't forget, and even now I don't havea clue about some aspects of my business... I just know where and howto get things done for me at virtually no cost!!!

Let me just give you a run down ofsome of the amazing features that make this business so simple... soenjoyable... and ultimately so profitable...

#1 This is a business where cash flows into your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!I expect you already know that virtually all internet-based businessesenjoy this luxury... the only difference is that what I do usuallyinvolves no complicated postage and packing processes, shopping cartarrangements or expensive software solutions to deal with worldwidepayments. Everything canbe fully automated and all done for you... even down to taking themoney and depositing it into your bank account!

#2 There are no outrageous expenses or start-up costs...Yes, you can run this business from a spare room in your house, or evenyour kitchen table (like I did for a year and a half) if you like.There's no need for expensive fancy premises, and you certainly don'tneed any staff (...although eventually you might want to get otherpeople to do the things you find mundane when you start bringing in several thousand pounds extra revenue each month).

#3 You DON'T need any technical skills!You can do virtually everything yourself if you like, but why bother?I'll be showing you how to get somebody else to complete anything youdon't fancy doing yourself for 'small potatoes'. In fact, I'll even tell you where I go to get things done!

#4You can do this from anywhere in the world, from Day One!As you know by now, I'm a big fan of globe-trotting... and when I havemy trusty laptop with me, I can work from wherever I am on the planet. Two years ago, I ran my business from - amongst other places - USA,Guernsey, France (three times), Bulgaria, and Slovakia (twice)!

#5 As a Horse Racing Experts Platinum student, you will be working directly with me, on a one to one basis...After I've sent you everything you need to get started, I will be providing ongoing mentoring and support that isbased on your questions and needs, and is specific to you. Thisinvolves HANDS ON time invested in your business by ME so youcan get the most out of this... something, as you'll see, which will beMUTUALLY beneficial!

#6The moment you receive your package, you'll have access to the very same productcreation tools that I use to generate most of those big paydays youread about above! I'll tell you all about the places I go to do my research. These resourceshave been responsible for my biggest online pay cheques, and you canstart building your own product immediately. You'll have the same access as me to the tools that have been responsible for over 750,000 in sales in the last seven years...

Right, I'm sure you're dying to know what this is all about, so letme give you some of the details...

For the first time in more than a year, I'm looking totake a small group of individuals and offer them the opportunity tobecome one of my Platinum students... to mentor them personally...and consequently show them what I believe to be the quickest way tomake a part-time income from horse racing betting systems that matchesor betters your full-time income... online.

But before I get into it, let me just tell you why being PERSONALLY mentored by me is so much more likely to lead YOU to success online and, ultimately, to the LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS than any other programme out there.

You see, this isn't just one of thoseridiculous programmes full of empty promises showing you how to makemoney, just to make money (you know the kind of 'Get Rich Quick'schemes I'm talking about, usually being sold by people who've nevermade any money online and wouldn't have a clue how to teach you how todo it).

What I'll be showing you is WHAT I ACTUALLY DO MYSELF that enables me to regularly make these incredible returns.. and having already banked those massive sums in the last few years, it means I'm not only suitably qualified to show you the real deal, but I can show it to you from a fantastic 'hands on' perspective...

I figure if I'm bringing in 6,000 to 12,000 a month, and occasionally up to 40,000 in a month, then YOU should at least expect to be pulling in 3,000 to 5,000 a month within half a year or so with me helping you!

What about the CHOICES that having money in the bank can allow you to make...?

Like being able to take breaks whenever you feel like it...spending more time with your family... seeing your kids grow up... oreven the little things like ordering what you like from the menu, and -if you're anything like me - trying an expensive bottle of wine withoutgulping when you see the price!

What if you could make these choices safe in the knowledge that you STILLhad thousands in the bank... and what if while you were out dining, orwalking with your family, or traveling, more cash was finding its wayinto your account?

This is exactly what happens for me every week, and it is a truly amazing way to live.

The 'Money-Getting Monsters'

OK, I'm sure you're getting the idea bynow, so this is probably a good time for me to explain why thisopportunity is completely different from anything you'll have seenbefore... and more importantly, why these methods make SO MUCH money with SO LITTLE effort!

You see, there are countless programmesthat will tell you that there's a fortune to be made without everneeding a product of your own, which is at least partially true. Youcertainly can get started in business by selling other people'sproducts, and without having a website or product yourself... in fact,that's one of the ways I make a very good passive income in mybusiness...

But believe me, the REALLY BIG MONEY... and I'm talking the 15,000, 22,000, and even 40,000 paydays... is in having something VALUABLE and UNIQUE which ONLY YOU CAN SELL!Now I'll explain more about this if you decide to join me but for now,let me just tell you that the profits from this can be outrageous!

However, unfortunately, most people manageto convince themselves that getting to this point is really difficultand end up giving up before they even start. However, the truth is it'sso simple when you know how... in fact, IT'S RIDICULOUSLY EASY with a little 'insider' knowledge and a method that automates most of the process for you...

Make no mistake, having the RIGHT 'product' that YOU OWN ALL THE RIGHTS TO can virtually be a license to print money... the difference between never making a single penny online and... well, literally having tens of thousands of pounds turning up in your bank account each year!

And I'm going to show you how to make sure YOU have the 'RIGHT PRODUCT'...

You see, I bank what many would consider asmall fortune every year, from the profits I make from around four orfive 'digital information packages' (usually in the horse racing andbetting arena), which I normally put together myself.

But the real secret is in understanding which products people are 'queuing up to buy' (this is really simple when you know how. Don't worry, it's something I make crystal clear in the materials I'm going to send you.).

These products can literally make me anywhere from 40 to 499 profit per time... on each one I sell!!!

In fact, let me give you some ACTUAL REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of some of the products I've sold and the profits I pulled in...


A betting service costing me 742 a year to run.

The service produced revenues of 40,785.29

My profit last year was 40,043.29


A betting system costing me 9,864 to research and sell

(including 9,750 to my partner on the project).

The system produced 422 sales at 97 before I put the 'sold out' sign up (I could have sold at least another 200!)...

... and revenues of 46,735.45

My profit for that product (in one week) was 36,871.45

Now that's great for me, but what about my previous students? Excellent question, so here's a couple of their experiences.


A betting service costing Kieran 268 last year to research and promote.

The service produced revenues of 15,312.46

His profit in one week was 15,048.46 (with a product sold initially for a pound!)


Richard spent 2,465 setting up his first betting service, which is the most of any student I'm aware of.

In four days, his service produced incredible revenues of 55,386.20

His profit in FOUR DAYS was 52,921.20 (which is better than I've ever done!)

As you can see, even these 'cheap'products can produce fantastic results once my methods were used, andyou can count on them to produce the goods time and time (and time)again.

I'll be showing the specific in's andout's of these money magnets when I send your materials if you decide to joinme in my Platinum Programme.

It really is staggering when you consider that with this business you can EASILY bemaking in a few weeks what many people make in a whole year. I have totell you that the day I made over 36,000 in a few hours, I actuallyfelt a little bit sick. I mean, it was a totally incredible experience,don't get me wrong... but it felt somehow unfair that I could make somuch money... in a single day.

I've thought a lot about that since, andI've come to terms that it's actually fine to earn good (or great!)money, as long as I run my business in an ethical, upstanding andoverall constructive and supportive manner. This is the cornerstone ofeverything I do, because I know how lucky I am to be in thisposition... and I want to help a few others to 'make their own luck' inthe same way I did.

Okay Matt, this all sounds very exciting, but what exactly are these digital products and how do you make money with them?

Well, as you may know already, I'vecreated an amazing lifestyle for myself and continue to enjoy afantastic monthly income, by providing people who I ALREADY KNOW are looking for a certain kind of specialist niche information... in this case, horse racing systems or tipping services.

I make my income by providing these peoplewith what they're looking for in a number of very simple but incrediblyeffective ways. And best of all, the products and services I offer tothem are all 'digital'. That means they can be downloaded... whichmeans I have no need for a warehouse... or to hold stock... or to packand post items.

In other words, I have almost zero running costs.

Please don't panic if that all sounds a bit technical! You don't need ANY special skills to do what I do... Ihave absolutely no idea how to create stunning graphics or writesoftware or build complex websites, but I know how to get other peopleto supply me with the 'digitised information' that I need... and that's all done for peanuts!

But despite these products costing verylittle to produce - aside from the time and effort in researching them,of course - they make anywhere upwards of 47 per sale. And, becausethere are virtually no overheads, most of the sale price is PURE PROFIT.

And, when you go through my materials, I'll be showing you the easiest and quickest way that I know to get to these 'motivated buyers'.

Pause for breath...

Now, before we go on, let me just make onething absolutely clear... I know you may have come across variousmarketers claiming to make you rich by selling tired old 'has been' CDand DVD products from the US or wherever. They'll most likely tell youabout how to make a fortune by just sticking a different label on theback of the disk.

You might have even tried one of thesepackages and been burnt before (like just about everyone else who'sbeen suckered into that)...

Butthe real secret is in creating BRAND NEW betting products that NOBODYELSE IS SELLING, something completely unique that your 'highlymotivated' buyer can only get from you!

And that's what I'm going to show you:what people want, how to create it, and how to sell it to them in a waythat creates something not far off 'mass hysteria'. How else did I manage to sell 370 copies of a product last October in just 23 hours, when I only had 300 sets to sell?

Or 500 units in a day earlier this year?

I had to make a deal with my duplicator tomake up the extra sets on the first occasion, and even then I ended up having to refund 20 people, whenmy man told me he could only rush out fifty more.

AllI have to do is choose my 'money-getting' method, set up the process,carry out a few simple tasks, and then collect the lion's share of theprofits at the end of it all!

How easy is that?!

It's incredible that something so simple can generate so much profit...

And it's this business that has explodedmy income and allowed me live the extraordinary (and enviable!) lifethat I do now, where I choose when I work... where in the world Iwork... and with whom I work. That's real freedom, and it's all becauseof my decision to make a change.

The Ultimate Home-Based Business, with support all the way...

My Summer 'Office' (back garden!)

Which brings me neatly onto why I'm doing this... why I'm proposing to show YOU exactly how to copy my methods so that you yourself can be pulling in thousands of pounds in profit every month.

Well, ignoring the fact that the morepeople I train to be successful, the greater my own credibility (...which I hope in time will lead to greater profits for me with my otherproducts!)...

One obvious reason is because it'll make me money. But frankly, money isn't everything.

See, making City banker money while essentially indulging my love of horse racing is GREAT... most of the time.

But occasionally I do get restless. And I've come to realise that onlyworking on these 'money-machine' websites isn't all that fulfilling.I mean yes, the money's good (very good), but sometimes I ask, 'Is thisIT?!'Surely there's something more. And for me, I want to do things that arefulfilling in other ways. Personally, the 'juice' comes from helpingpeople.

Actually, let me clarify that... it comes from helping FUN, MOTIVATED people who actually DO what I teach themand then tell me about their results.

I'll give you an example. One week last year, I made 602.50 from a part of mybusiness I almost completely ignore. I could have been hit by a bus andthat money would still have come in.That's great and I'm thankful for it.But I also got an email that week from one of the guys I worked withlast year, David, and he told me that in four years before working with me, the most he made online was 179...

When David worked with me, he made nigh on five figures (no decimal point!) and "made more money from that one book than I had from a whole year of running a gardening business."

(Ishould add that David lives a pretty idyllic lifestyle in WesternFrance, studying horses and cutting the occasional lawn whilst workingon his perma-tan. He's a Geordie and I reckon he's got it sussed!)I have to say that, even though I'd asked David to write about hisexperiences working with me...


Nothing can.

And emails like that one are the REAL reasonI'm teaching this class.And sure, I'll make some money (after all, you can do the maths - thesigns are that this will sell out pretty quickly) but that's notmy motivation. It's nice, but it's not my driving force behind this.You've seen my account screenshots, so you know what I mean. I'm not exactly going hungry.

Andhere's another thing. Even if I lived to be 100, I STILL don't thinkI'd scratch the surface of what you can do with the methods and toolsI'm going to give you.So rather than horde my knowledge like some miser, I'm going to show itto a select group of people.

And I'm hoping those people will stay in touch with me for years, and we can all mastermind together and come up with ways to have even MORE fun and make MORE money.At the end of the day, I want to share what I know with some like-minded people so we can all grow together.

And my final reason for doing this is thatI want to drive a thicker wedge between the good guys and the 'badapples' in our community.

You might have heard me speak (evangelise?) about this before...

The more good guys out there, the harderit is for the bad guys to win. The more people like me - and you - whoknow the right way to treat our fellow racing enthusiasts, the betterour world will be...

...and the greater the likelihood that a newhorse racing fan stumbling blindly around the internet will hit one ofour reputable websites.

I know that might sound a bit 'precious', but it's not meant to. It's simply one of my main aims... it's kind of like my 'mission statement'.

After all, isn't that what it's all about, really?

So you're probably asking yourself what all this has got to do with you?

Well, the reason I'm looking for students who I can personally coach to follow my methods is that it opens the door to us both making massive PROFITS...

In recent years, many of the BIG internetfortunes have been made by people like me allowing other people to selltheir products in return for a fee... and of course it works the otherway as well... people with big lists of customers are always lookingfor good products to sell to those customers.

It stands to reason then that the bestproducts which sell for the highest prices (or sell the most copies)are obviously the ones that everybody wants to sell... and of coursewill attract the attention of those people with the biggest andbest-responding customer lists.

So...if I can show you, as one of my Platinum Programme students, how I takea product and enhance it for HUGE PROFIT... and help you to do thesame...

... then you can start doing what I do,and as your business grows you'll also be providing highly valuableinformation products to your customers.

That's why joining me on my PlatinumProgramme is so different from anything you'll have seen before,because you're never going to be left on your own. I will be available as a mentor, coach and teacher to guide you through the sticky spots that any business runs into (and out of).

And, as you make more money, you'll alsobe wanting to provide 'higher ticket' items that I can hopefullybenefit from in the form of promoting your higher priced (and highquality, naturally) products to my customers, and you'll be promotingmy products to your growing list of customers... it's what's known as a 'win-win situation'.

Now you'll appreciate that I get inundatedwith offers and requests to do joint ventures or promotions withothers, but invariably what I'm offered are things that - frankly - Ijust wouldn't want to put my name to. As I said earlier, only aminority are succeeding making their living online, because only aminority are doing it right!

But if I can help you to do it right and show you how to create those 'top notch' products that I'm referring to, then...

... we can BOTH make a handsome profit with this!

It's simple logistics - if I can work with and benefit from everyone in my Platinum group in such a way that THEY benefit too, then we ALL do far better in the long term(... by the way, if you're uncomfortable with the fact that I'm hopingto benefit from our relationship in the future, then perhaps you're notthe type of person I'm looking for, even though it's in my interest to make sure you succeed in making huge profits as well).

On the other hand, if you can see thebigger picture, and see how you can benefit massively from such anarrangement, regardless of how much money I also make from it, then youwill probably make a first class student, and ultimately a muchbetter-off one at that!

Which brings me onto how you can become one of my private elite group of Platinum Programme students...

Firstly, let me just remind you of what I said at the start of this letter...

If you decide to join me in this -literally - life-changing opportunity, to actually have a highlysuccessful and experienced expert in your corner, helping you - someonewho actually 'walks the walk' as it were - then it's going to mean thatI'll be investing a lot of time and effort to work closely with you...and if you haven't got the right mindset for success, then that's goingto be no good for either of us.

Obviously, this is a fantastic opportunitybut unfortunately this type of 'deal' tends to attract every Tom, Dickand Sally, including those who just think that it is going to be aneasy ride (... as well as those that are merely curious, and that thoseare just going to flat out waste my time).

So, to make this the incredible success that I KNOW it is going to be, I need individuals who will actually DOwhat I'm going to show them (it's not difficult, but you will have todo some of the 'work'), and not just sit on it and become one of thosestatistics who never take any action and therefore never succeed inmaking any decent money - and creating an amazing lifestyle - from theinternet.

ThereforeI want you to read through the following 'Personality Assessment' tosee if you're right for this, and if this is right for you...

"It sounds really good Matt, but I can only commit a couple of hours a week to it..."

Firstly, if you can only commit two hoursper week to this, and even then not in the third week in the month,then I'm sorry, this is not for you.

This is NOT a 'get rich quick bizopp' or afranchise. This is 'best of breed' education, support and tools. Inorder to benefit from this, you need to be prepared to commit at leastan hour a day (or six hours a week).

"I have limited experience of the internet, and know about the business world having worked in it..."

You'rea good candidate, with this proviso - you will need to spend a bit oftime getting to speed with some of the concepts at the start. It's notdifficult, it'll just be new. And in newness comes an initial learningcurve. Like I say, nothing scary, but you need to be aware of that, andprepared for it.

"I've got a website, but I don't know how to get visitors to it, or sell stuff..."

Welcome, friend, this is the place for you.

"I've already made a sale or two online but I want to scale up and do better..."

Welcome, friend, this is the place for you.

I'm retired, or a 'stay at home' parent, and free time is one thing I do have..."

Good news! We can turn that 'free time' into 'paid time'!

I'm really, really committed and will do whatever it takes to make this work..."

You're the kind of person I want in my Platinum group. Commitment and action taking TRUMPS everything else.

Okay, still with me? Great! Let Me Tell You More...

If you've determined that you're the rightfit to join the Platinum Programme, then let me tell you what you canexpect when you come on board.

I'm going to give my Platinum students myfullest attention for a whole year. In fact, I currently have nothingelse planned for the rest of the year. This is my major project andthat underlines my commitment to your success.

You'll learn:

And that's just a tiny snapshot of what I've got in store for my Platinum students.

Join me and other students virtually at the Ultra-Exclusive Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, London...

The IoD, in Pall Mall, London

Tokick things off, I'm sending the exclusive group who get into my Platinum Programme the full recordings of the day's live training which I conducted at the super plushInstitute of Directors on Pall Mall, London.

This is the exact training content responsible for both of the bumper windfalls that you read about above, and at least a dozen other five figure launches in the past three years.

The IoD, as it's known, is one of thegreat centres of business debate anywhere in the world, and countlesscaptains of industry have held meetings there. As such, I could think ofnowhere more fitting to kick-start your new business venture, and soI'd like to cordially extend an invitation to my Platinum group to joinme virtually at this private event, from the comfort of your own home.

I'm going to send you a recordingof the entire day, where you'll learn the exact same 'secrets' that my successful students did, but for a fraction of the price they paid.

As well as that comprehensive training, recorded on six high quality DVD's for you to watch, pause, repeat at your leisure, you will also receive an action plan and a full set of tools andresources to help you get up and running as quickly as is possible.

But there's more to my Platinum Programme than that. I've learnt from, and responded to, the demands of my students in the past couple of years. And, during that time, I have recorded many hours of 'screen capture' video.

This video series, which I've also had burnt onto six further DVD's, allows you to look over my shoulder as I put together a complete REAL LIVE product release.

You'll see, step by step, EVERYTHING from the initial planning to the launch day mayhem, when sales were coming in at a rate of five or six a minute! I've left nothing out, because I want this to be as comprehensive a training package as is possible. I'm confident that there is nothing out there which is even close to the amount of value I've included. I want you to succeed, plain and simple.

Now whilst most people learn more easily from 'audio-visual' teaching, some are still more attentive to the written word. So, at further expense, I've had every single word of both the seminar DVD training AND the screen capture 'live run' DVD's transcribed into manuals. These are perfect for jotting notes on as you go through the content, and will ensure you don't miss a single important point.

Plus, I've included some of my own 'swipe copy' for you to use as the basis of your own efforts. [Swipe what?! Swipe copy is the curious name given to sales literature which has been used with success previously. In this case, my emails and sales letter from a recent promotion, which will take you three-quarters of the way to writing the bits and pieces that form part of this type of promotion. It's a lot easier than you might think, especially with this in your arsenal!]

Follow my plan, and you could easily be making your first sales within 3 - 6 weeks.

I won't just 'drop you off at the bus stop'...

As I said, I believe this is the mostcomplete online business training available anywhere, and so myteaching and support doesn't stop when you've finished going through the materials I'm going to send you.On the contrary, that's where the fun starts!

You'll be sat at home, doubtless with yourhead swimming with ideas and hopefully a buzz of excitement about what is possible, and it's then that you'll getcracking on your very own business.

As you work your way through the simplestep-by-step plan I've laid out for you, there will of course bequestions... there might even be moments of frustration where 'it justwon't work'.

That's a perfect time to contact me. That's what I'm there for.

I want you to succeed, for all the reasonsI've already outlined. So I'm not going to allow you to fail forsomething so trivial as a technical glitch or a gap in yourunderstanding.

Far from it. If (I should really say'when', because it happens to us all) you get stuck, just send me anemail to my private email address, or arrange a call with me, and wecan walk through the problem and identify the solution.

It is this kind of mentoring and guidancethat has been at the very heart of my success online. And it's thatsame guidance and mentoring that I will be providing all of my Platinumstudents.

Obviously, with such a personal time investment to this programme, I have to restrict the numbers.

In fact, I am only prepared to work with a maximum of 20 people.

OK Matt, I want in... How do I get hold of one of these extremely limited spots?

Well, quite simply, first of all you needto review the entry criteria above to make sure we're a good fit foreach other, and that you are ready to generate significant sumsof money from your own horse racing systems business.

If you've done that, and you're ready to go, then great. Here's a recap of what's in store.

Key Element #1:

Platinum Access to Horse Racing Experts (Value: 997)

The instant you receive your training materials,you'll be able to access everything in Horse Racing Experts, including a special 'Platinum only' area.

The resources within Horse Racing Experts as a whole will guide you towards your first product in next to no time.

Key Element #2:

Recording of the Live Training Event, Pall Mall, London (Value: 2,497)

You're cordially invited tojoin me virtually at this business hub in Central London where the exclusive group I trained last year paid 2,497 each to look 'behind thescenes' of my business, and to see me demonstrate the intimate workings of thoseautomated 'money machines'.

In the recordings of our private meeting at these swankysurroundings, I'll show you the methods I use to make a fantasticliving from the sport I love, and more importantly, I'll show you how you cantoo.

This will be your first exposure to my 'Bomb', '1 to a Fortune', and the awesome 'Wall of Cash' techniques.

Key Element #3:

Your Quick Start Action Plan (Value: 497)

This short document will form the backboneof your business building activities. It references all of the otherresources and tools that I'm going to share with you, and shows you the exact steps to follow that will keep you totally on track throughout your first project.

This is the very same reference manual that I use myself for creating a highly successful business that pulls in thousands of pounds a month.

If you're ever unsure about what to do next, check the Platinum Action Plan for the answer, and you'll be back on course, pronto!

Key Element #4:

The Online Resources Arsenal (Value: 997)

This vast online shelf is packed to bursting with tools, techniques andtutorials to walk you painlessly through every part of thebusiness-building process. It covers the key steps referred to in yourAction Plan in much finer detail, enabling you to copy the exact steps I take in my own business.

If there's anything you need help with and you can't find in here, letme know and I'll get it added. It's my intention to make this the mostcomprehensive resource of its kind, exclusively for use by my Platinum Group students.

Key Element #5:

'Copy the exact steps I take in my own business' (Value: 2,997)

Putting a value on something like this is tough, because you literally have only to copy this to be successful. How can I be so confident? Because these are the exact steps I took to release a product last year which sold 500 units in a day. Just copy it!

This will save you hours oftime, and no little grief. I want to make this journey as smooth as itcan be, and that includes showing you precisely how I get the job done.

Key Element #6:

Partner Opportunities (Value: 1,750 - 10,000+)

Asyou're probably aware, I've built up something of a strong reputationin our community as a 'straight hitter', and also someone who alwaysover-delivers with product offerings. I have to really, because I giveso much away for free! What this means is that when I offer a newproduct, it almost always sells out, and people are generally delightedwith what they've just purchased.

From a business perspective, then, there's also a clamour from otheronline entrepreneurs to promote my stuff. But I don't let just anyonecome on board. Rather, I carefully select my joint venture (as itsknown) partners, to ensure that the quality and reputation of theproduct (and me) is maintained.

As a member of my Platinum Programme, you'll have provenyourself worthy of promoting my products to your customers, which youcan be sure will generate excellent sales, and therefore excellentproceeds for you.

The reverse is also true... If your products are good, I'll bedelighted to share them with my customers and readers, many of whom aresure to pay you (and me) for the goodness contained within.In fact, I estimate that a promotion of your product to my customerlist would easily cover the cost of your investment twice over. And that's on your first try at this!

Key Element #7:

Personal Mentoring for a Full Year (Value: 1,000 +++!)

As I hope you can see, I'mtotally invested and committed to the success of my Platinum Programmestudents, and this extends far beyond the first class training andproven money-getting tools and techniques I'm sharing.

For the first time, I'm going to give Platinum students access to mypersonal contact details so that I can continue to extend them the verybest support available. It's unlikely you'll encounter a situation thatI haven't previously encountered, so get in touch and let me walk and talk you through it, based on my own experiences.

I have personally paid over 15,000 specifically for mentoring over the past three years, and I've considered it worth every single penny.

Having an experienced operator in your corner really does make the difference between success and failure.

And that's precisely what every one of my Platinum Programmestudents will have, for a full twelve months.As I think you can see, this is an incredibly comprehensive programme,and for the right people, it WILL take them into the wonderful world ofonline business, and the lifestyle that accompanies that.

Ifyou have an entrepreneurial spirit... you're willing to put in a littleeffort... and you can follow simple instructions, I guarantee YOU'LL BE DELIGHTED with the outcome...

Okay, I'm sure you're itching to know how you can become one of myPlatinum Programme students. Now, in the right hands, theinformation in this package is easily worth 9,000+, as it is thatlife-changing. These are those rare items that are literally worth their weight in gold(if not more!)

But on the other hand, I'm only too aware that, for many people,getting their hands on 9,000 at short notice would be quitedifficult...Even though the training and support package is outstanding,until you've actually started with it and you can see for yourself whatan amazing system this is, at this price I also understand that manypeople will miss out...And, from a selfish point of view, that also means I'll miss out onpotentially some of the best Platinum students...

Which is why I've come up with a clever solution that I think you'll agree will be mutually beneficial for both of us...

Now, in order to become one of my exclusive Platinum students, I'm sure you realise there has to be a bit of commitment on your part... if I'm going to be investing my time and effort into YOUR success, then I want to know that you'll be taking this seriously...fair enough, right?

Which is why, if you want to take this opportunity to the next level,you'll need to click the 'Add to Cart' button as soon as you can, to guarantee your spot. There are only 20 people that Ican work with on this, so you need to act fast.

However,I want you to be completely happy before you decide to join my Platinumgroup, so for your peace of mind, I don't want you to pay the 9,000that the package is conservatively valued at... instead I'm going tomake this as accessible (and affordable) as I can.Now the price I've come up with that I think is the fairest to both of us, and which reflects the fact that I won't need to hire expensive venues or video cameramen, is 1,297 (plus VAT)and although this goes nowhere near to covering the true value of theprogramme, I'm gambling that by working with the RIGHT people, we, together, will be able to make MUCH more money (and have more FUN) in the future.

Don't forget, this is a business, and as such, this starting investment(... which incidentally is a tiny fraction of the cost ofstarting a 'traditional' business) should be treated as nothing morethan a business expense which, of course, is fully tax deductible!

It's not my job, and I have no intentionof attempting to offer financial advice, for that you need to consult aprofessional. But, as soon as you're on board and have completed the first part of the programme,I'll be happy to explain how you can immediately get the VAT refunded(... which means you'll be getting 259.40 VAT back from the government - won't that make a change?!)

Remember, the training package alone INCLUDES ABSOLUTELY EVERY piece of information, tool and resource that you'll need to make thousands of pounds a month in profit...

So let me just briefly remind you what you'll be getting...

As I said, if we're going to work together, I want you to be completely delighted and absolutely sure that this will work for you.

For your peace of mind, and because I'm so certain in my ability to help you deliver your business, I insiston doing something that I've not seen done before with this kind of'high ticket deal'... I will only offer you this on the basis that ifyou work through the steps with me and actually *DO* this, and you makeless than triple your investment, you can have all your money back!

Yes, of course you've seen money back guarantees on those 'cheaper' products where the real informationis held back so you have to spend more to get the 'good stuff', whichis way too valuable to have people copy it and then claim their moneyback.

But I'm so proud of what I've put together here... and I'm so confident that when you see the quality of the training, as well as having the prospect of working directly with me, both in getting your business firing on all cylinders and in joint venture opportunities... that you'll be delighted... that I'm going to make you a 'no-brainer fair' offer:


Apply the training I'll share with you,use the tools and resources that are a part of my Platinum programme,and take advantage of my mentoring, coaching and support for a fullyear.

During that time, if you complete the process and don't make at least TRIPLE your investment, then I've failed in my commitment to you, and I will not only return your initial investment, but I'll also give you another 50% on top!

I know this programme can reallychange your life, if you're prepared to work with me to make thathappen, and the training materials alone will give you all theinformation you need to build a life-changing internet business. But I realise that I need to do something extra special to put the risk on me to deliver.

That's why I'm happy to offer you this wrought-iron pledge (it's more than just a guarantee). To reiterate, I want you to work with me for a year, during which time I'm confident you'll make many times your initial investment,and be armed with a tool set and killer methods that will enable you togo on making vast sums of money online every year thereafter.

In other words, you can apply today...


If you've dreamed of living a TRULY FREE LIFESTYLE, where you never have to worry about bills... and you can spend time with your family whenever you choose... and trips abroad can be as often as you'd like... then please do take this opportunity with the utmost seriousness...

If you feel enthusiastic about this opportunityand you're prepared to put in some effort, but you know you need alittle direction, then I want to hear from you, because this really isa unique chance to use my knowledge for your gain.

...and it's almost certainly the easiest way for you to quit the day job within the next three to twelve months!

Don't forget, this is probably the bestsupported 'build a business' income generator prospect available, andI'm proud to offer you the chance to work with me, using my proven (and widely respected) business methods.

Now, along with all of these guaranteed benefits,realistically, some things are going to happen which are justinevitable once we're working together... for example, when you startmaking decent money, I expect that we'll have got to know each otherwell enough that it's just a matter of picking up the phone or dropping me an email, to sort out the finer points of any joint venture projects that we'll be working on together in the future...

So there it is. I can pretty much promise that you'll NEVER get a better opportunity to benefit from someone who's already 'walking the walk' and living a fantastic lifestyle... one that I couldn't have imagined just four and a half years ago when I started out doing this (and was still chained firmly to that desk!)

Ask yourself, seriously, where do you want to be in a year from now...?

I have a fantastic life now... I choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, and my life is pretty much STRESS FREE these days. Yours can be too...

You really have nothing to lose by applying today and just giving this a go... you'll soon prove to yourself that everything I've said is true,and if after working through the Action Plan, and getting my expertinsight every step of the way, you can't make the kind of money I'vebeen talking about here... I'll give you your investment back, plus 50% interest on top. (You won't find that offer anywhere else, I'm sure!)

I hope you can see that this may well be the best opportunity to finally experience the truly free lifestyle you're likely to get... especially when it's so clearly in my interests to sit down and help you personally!

So there we are. What more can I say?

In life, as I'm sure you know, we get what we decide to give ourselves...... sometimes for years to come. If you really want a different life... a more fulfilling life... a freer life... then you need to make a decision.

It's a decision that will undoubtedly shape your life over the next twelve months, and one which I believe will open up avenues and opportunities that you might have believed only happened to other people... I thought that once too, not so very long ago...

The decision I made took me from a desk, a boss, a modest salary, a 'making ends meet' existence...

... to an enviable lifestyle, where I canwork from the Pacific Coast in beautiful San Diego, California (as Idid for a whole two months at the end of 2009), or anywhere elsefor that matter. Or to pay 50,000 CASH on home improvements as I did a year or two ago... Or just to whisk my loved one away for a long weekend in five star luxury, as I frequently do... along with our young son these days!

It was a leap of faith for me at the start... I was asked to invest 5,000to attend a similar training event (which, by the way, was excellent...though not nearly so comprehensive as the package I'm offering here!)

I decided that it was 'better to have loved and lost', and I jumped aboard. Long story short, a while later I quit my day job.

And for the last two years, I've had a trip abroad at least five times in every six months. Sure, I 'work' while I'm away. But turning the laptop on after a day skiing down pristine white Alpine pistes... or after lounging on that Pacific beach (in December, I might add!)... is what I call living.

Only you can decide whether to make this leap of faith. I sincerely hope you make the right decision for you ... and I sincerely hope you join me on what will be a life-changing programme of opportunity.

If you genuinely want more out of life, you've got to start doing a few things a little you know I did just a very few years ago. In fact, I meet up withsome of my old work colleagues every now and then, and it just seemsutterly surreal that our lives are now so different. I was like them six years ago... To be honest, they'll never be likeme now, because they're too afraid to make a big decision.

I know that fear, I've been there. But, as the saying goes, I decided to 'feel the fear, and do it anyway'. I've never looked back.

The point is that all this is really possiblewhen you run a successful internet business... this is how I live andso can you with a little support working alongside someone who'salready done it, to guide you in the right direction... and your own endeavour and determination.

Now you have what may be the ultimate chance to know for sure that you can do this with NO RISK WHATSOEVER. You can carry on your current life, and do this part time at the start. Then, when you're making as much (or more) than your current income, it might be time to give your boss the bird...!

Don't forget that one of the main reasonsI'm doing this is to further drive that wedge between the good guys andthe 'bad apples' in our horse racing and betting community. You can help me do that, at a time when there's a real split emerging between the good and the bad and ugly online.

That's why I'm personally investing so much time and energy into this Platinum Programme... into working with the right people. Because, as I see it, it's an investment in our collective future and - without getting too 'precious' - it's an investment back into the community that has looked after me so well over the last seven years.

As you know, I'm only one man and I canonly work with a limited number of people. I've decided that theabsolute maximum I can work with is 20 motivated individuals...

This isn't your typical sales hype... do the maths. If you all bring your determination to the table and work to achieve what is eminently possible... to achieve that enhanced lifestyle you've dreamed about... then you're going to keep me pretty busy!

And that's what I'm banking on...!

So realistically this offer won't be around for too long... my stuff typically always sells out...and this Programme has sold out in less than five days each time I've offered it... so I strongly suggest you APPLY TODAY to be sure of your spot...

Once I've got my 20 students, the doors close, the 'sold out' sign goes up, and that's it. Again, it's not sales hype. I have only enough coaching space for 20 people.

So please don't miss out by putting it off...

Remember, if you carry on doing what youdo now, it's inevitable that you'll carry on getting what you get now.In fact, someone smarter than me once defined 'insanity' as doing thesame thing repeatedly and expecting a different result!

But you can start to enjoy a differentresult... a new life... and a better life... today. Click the buttonbelow to register for my Platinum Protege Programme, and I look forwardto sending you your Platinum Programme package, and helping you on your road to freedom.

As soon as I process your application(please allow a few hours for this, as I'm sure to be busy dealing withsubmissions), I'll send you access to the online resource library. I know you'll be itching to get on, and you'll be able to as soon as your Platinum Programme package arrives.

As I said earlier, these are the same tools that I used to create Trainer Track Stats and a number of my other products. Between them, they've generated over 750,000 in sales!

But let me just remind you that I onlyhave so many hours in the day to work with other people, so as soon asI reach 20 applications, I cannot even consider applicant number 21.

Realistically, you've got less than 72 hours... quite possibly much less... If you want to be sure to get on board, you need to decide right now or in the very near future.

And to make this as affordable as I possibly can, I've decided to include a three-pay option, so you can spread your investment over three instalments. You'll pay just 457 + VAT today, and the same amount in 30 and 60 days from now. If you've got the passion and desire to succeed, I want you to be a part of this.

At this point, it merely remains for me to sincerely thankyou for taking the time to read through this letter. I know it was verylong, but I felt it was really important to give you as muchinformation as I possibly could, so that you can decide whether you'reready to make a genuinely life-changing decision, on a better than risk-free basis.

Whatever you decide, I wish you every success... and if you decide to move forward with this, I look forward to sending you everything you needed to get started, and working together on your first project!

Matt Bisogno

P.S. Remember this is arisk-free opportunity and I promise to work with you for a full yearwhilst you apply the methods and techniques I'm going to show you, onyour business.

P.P.S. This offer is unlikely be around for long... there is a strict limit of 20 individuals that I can work with on this. As soon as I reach that number, I'll refuse all subsequent applications.

P.P.P.S. I can't becertain, but I estimate you have around 72 hours to make a decision. IfI'm wrong, and I sell out sooner, then please accept my apologies. Theonly way you can be sure to get on board is to click the button below(if it is still displaying - if it isn't I've sold out, and I'm sorryyou missed out).

Should you have any questions or queriesthat were not answered in the letter then, of course, please do emailme. You can contact me at


Full unfettered 'access all areas' membership to Horse Racing Experts.

A full set of DVD recordings of thelive training event held in London, where I personally show youeverything about my business, and in particular the three methods I useto make the 'big money': ‘The Bomb’, ‘1 to a Fortune’, and the awesome‘Wall of Cash’ techniques...

TheQuick Start Action Plan, designed to get you up and running right away.Here, you'll find my '12 steps to success heaven'...

The 'real time over my shoulder' videos showing step-by-step how to put this together.

Thegolden partnership opportunities: work with me to promote your productsto my customers, and I'll work with you to promote my products to yourcustomers...

Thepersonal mentoring for a full year from yours truly. Whatever situationyou're in, it's likely I've been there before and have a good idea whatto do next. So ask me...

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