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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programe: Stage 1 - System Research

On this page, you’ll find resources to support the development of your first product. I've included a list of software and books that I have personally used to get ideas and create betting products for the last five years.If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at

Firstly, read the 20 Hot Angles pdf here. This will give you some excellent starting points from which to tinker either in Adrian Massey’s research site or with Racing Systems Builder.

Recommended reading

Anything by Nick Mordin (esp. Winning Without Thinking, and Betting For A Living)

Anything by Alan Potts (esp. Against The Crowd, and The Inside Track)

US Authors, especially:

Andrew Beyer (speed ratings), James Quinn (class), Tom Ainslie (pace), Steve Davidowitz (general), and William Quirin (data analysis in handicapping).

Websites: (of course!)