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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme: Stage 5 - Autoresponders and Squeeze Pages

On this page, you’ll find resources to guide you through the creation and installation of your first email campaign and 'squeeze' pages. If, like me, you suffer from acute technophobia, PLEASE heed the advice about getting support. There are a lot of people who will do jobs which terrify you (and me!) for literally ten dollars or less. It's not worth the aggravation... If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at


If a list is the engine of a business, your auto-responder is the car around it. Quite simply, it facilitates all of the benefits of the list, by making communication and maintenance as straightforward as possible.

Auto-responders enable you to:

- collect the contact information from people interested in your product or service;

- send them a pre-written series of emails, either promoting a product, or providing some credibility-enhancing information;

- send ad hoc communications, for instance, to advise of a new blog post you’ve written.

Quite simply, this is one of the three things (along with a domain name and web hosting) you NEED.

The companies I recommend are:

- Getresponse (I use them, and they're generally very reliable)

- aWeber – the largest supplier of these tools to small business, and one of the most highly regarded.

- iContact – a credible third option.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, there’s three steps to getting it set up:

1. Create a campaign – this will be either for a product promotion (e.g. your new horse racing ebook or tip service), or for a blog site

2. Create a squeeze box / page – this is a means of capturing interested party’s email addresses so that you can send them the info you have and they want

3. Add follow-up messages to the campaign

Each of the providers I’ve listed above has it’s own video tutorials on how to do this, so there’s no point in me replicating that here. That said, I do show how I set things up in the 'over my shoulder' videos available on your DVD's.

Moreover, I would like to offer a few pointers to you, as follows:

- Remember, much of the technical stuff is ‘easy’ to someone who knows. In my opinion, it is far better to pay $10 to someone who can get this right first time in double quick time, than to spend a day of your time getting frustrated and failing to achieve what you set out to achieve (or making a pig’s ear of it, as I have done many times).

This is called Opportunity Cost, and you need to consider how much your time is worth. In my opinion, you are much better served ‘outsourcing’ this type of thing if you’re uncomfortable with it, and instead using your time to create the real value on your blog / sales page – CONTENT! You should be writing articles, sales copy, great products, not faffing about with things you don’t necessarily understand.

If you are working on a serious shoestring budget, fair enough. Otherwise, set aside a small pot of around $150 for all your little technical ‘incidentals’ and try to find a reliable developer to work with. (Use or for this. I can help with some suggestions / pointers if you’re not sure how to request the help you need. There is also more information on this in the 'over the shoulder' DVD's.)

Squeeze Boxes / Pages

Some websites have what’s called a ‘landing page’. This is a dedicated page that is the first thing you see when you go to their site. It’s sole purpose is to compel you to share your contact details, such that the site can communicate with you in the future. This is also called a ’squeeze page’.

There is an art to creating landing or squeeze pages. I have found a very good template for such things, which you are welcome to 'steal' with my permission. You can see it here, and if you're hiring someone to do this for you, just tell them the page this is on, your autoresponder details, and the location of the video you're using (if you are using a video), and they will do the rest quickly and efficiently.

I have also created a short video below on adding ’squeeze box’ code to a web page if you want to try yourself (it’s not that difficult once you get started):

watch the video here.