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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme: Stage 6 - The Sales Page

On this page, you’ll find resources to help you with the sales page for your product. This is the bit that lots of people get scared about, mainly because selling is an unnatural process for most of us. Before I started online, I'd never sold anything in my life, so I know how it feels. I strongly encourage you to break things down as I've described here, and you will find the whole process far more manageable (and less daunting). If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at

Writing sales pages, also called copywriting, is a true skill. Like any writing, those at the top of the copywriting tree get paid millions of pounds for their work. It is a skill that one constantly learns about and improves at, just by reading and watching (and recognising) the myriad marketing messages we’re all subjected to on a daily basis.

Although writing sales copy is an art form, the good news is that there is a formula that we can all follow to at least make a ‘good fist’ of a sales letter.

Whilst following the formula, ALWAYS keep in mind that you have to appeal to your prospective customer, and therefore it is about them, and not you.

And remember these two acronyms:

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?!”

With that in mind, let’s walk through the sales letter formula:

Headline: far and away the most important component of any sales material is the headline. As with a newspaper, if the reader is not compelled by the headline, she/he will not read any further. The job of the headline is to get your prospect to read the next sentence in your page – that’s it.

In order to write a good headline, I strongly recommend you take a look at what other people are doing, and find headlines (and indeed all sales copy) that you like. Gathering this information is called collecting a ’swipe file’. Swipe files are hugely valuable to you, not because you are going to plagiarise someone else’s work, but because they provide you with ideas.

When you come to sit down and write your headline, take time over it. I suggest writing at least eight headlines, and maybe as many as twenty. In doing so, you’ll get a feel for what will work well and what won’t.

A couple of quick do’s and don’t’s for you:

- Don’t use round numbers in your headlines

- Do use some of these words (or words like these) in your headlines and throughout your copy:

200 Great Copy Words

Body Copy:

There are various components to the main body of the sales letter, and these broadly cover the following interests of your prospect:

- understand what their problem is
- resonate with it (i.e. you've had that same problem)
- describe your struggle with it
- and then you found a solution (your product)
- use social proof (what other people are saying, testimonials) to support
- reassure with either a free trial and / or a money back guarantee
- close with a strong call to action
- add some p.s.'s

You also would be well advised to spend some time looking at sales letters and seeing what makes you want to buy.

Understand how they got to your hot buttons'. It doesn't have to hype-y - it just has to be compelling (note, hype-y does work well though!). The length of the sales copy is as long as it takes to get all the above elements into it.

Break up copy with images, graphics, screenshots, etc.

If you're confident enough, use a bit of video or audio. I'm terrible at this, but the fact is it sells, even when done badly! More and more, we're seeing video sales letters and I'm convinced it is the future. Basically, they're TV ads on the internet. In fact, a lot of the big marketing 'gurus' don't even bother with sales letters any more - they just do the video and put a 'buy now' button on the page.

Here's a video on how to create a sales page / video from the launch elements you may have already created. This is an extremely powerful formula, which has sold out my product every time I've used it:

Sales Letter and Video [Again, this is in your DVD set as well.]

I've also included a real sales page from a previous product promotion in your 'swipe file' manual. That product sold 500 units in less than a day, sold out.