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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme: Stage 7 - Support & Other Web Pages

On this page, you’ll find resources to help you fix up the other supporting webpages your site will need to be ready to go. Things like terms of service, privacy policy, etc, may sound boring (and they are!), but you need them on your site. If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at

The easiest way to create these pages is to 'borrow' them from someone else. Me, for instance. Below are examples of pages that you might want to replicate. Don't forget to change the words to be relevant for your business / product!.

Terms of Service


Privacy Policy

And here's a video, from your DVD pack, with the same: Other Required Web Pages


When you first start, looking after your customers is not too much of a problem, due to the limited number of them. However, as you become more well-known, and your JV partnerships start to reap dividends, so you will have a lot more customer support to deal with.

It’s up to you whether you handle this yourself or outsource it. Either way, I have found the following to be very helpful:

- Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, to respond to the most common enquiries (example at

- Have a separate customer support email address, that is used solely for this purpose

- Create an auto-reply for people who email your support address. In it, either include a link to your Frequently Asked Questions page or paste the content of that page into the email reply. Or both!

- Create ‘template’ email answers that you can simply ‘copy and paste’ to reply.

- Consider passing all of the above to a staff member. You probably only need an hour or less a day of somebody’s time, and there’s an army of people in India or the Philippines who will do this for maybe $2.50 an hour. That’s fifteen bucks (or about ten pounds) a week to have most of your customer support dealt with, freeing you up to create content and make money!

- Understand that your outsourced help will probably need a LOT of hand-holding at the beginning. Take the time to do this, and ensure they document everything. This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It will be for you too, when the customers start to roll in.