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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme: Stage 8 - Membership Sites

On this page, you’ll find information on how to set up your product or service as a membership-based model. Membership allows you to charge a periodic price (say, monthly) for your product or service. Be aware that some payment providers (especially PayPal) scrutinize this model more than other 'one off' payment models. If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at

Membership sites are a great way to generate a lot of recurring income, say every month. Once you set up the service or content structure, you will need some special webpage code to manage all of the possible interactions between your customers and you.

These interactions normally relate to canceling a membership; paying the next month; updating personal details; and the like.

It is possible to do this manually, and indeed the first time I did this, I undertook everything ‘by hand’. It was a nightmare, and a real drain on my time. Given that I got involved in this to exercise my passion AND to free up my time, this was not a good place for me to be.

The beauty of membership sites is that they enable all of the admin to be taken care of, leaving you with the twin jobs of driving prospects to your sign up page and creating the members’ content.

If you plan to offer a ‘continuity’ based product or service, I’d encourage you to consider some kind of automated solution. The two I recommend are:


Wishlist Member (for Wordpress specifically)

aMember is my personal choice for membership sites. It comes with full support, and includes professional installation on your website in the price of $180. aMember also has a basic affiliate tool within it, which I have personally used with great success.

Wishlist Member is cheaper but has slightly less functionality. It costs $97, and I will be experimenting with this in the future, as I move almost entirely to sites hosted on the Wordpress platform.