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Horse Racing Experts Platinum Programme: Stage 9 - Blogging

On this page, you’ll find all sorts of resources to support the creation and 'fleshing out' of your blog(s). If you’ve any questions, drop me a line at

Use Wordpress. Blogger is good, Wordpress is great!

How to install a Wordpress blog:

1. Find your blog domain name. Use to find your domain name, but DON’T buy it there.

2. Sign up with a UK based host (I recommend Buy your domain name from whichever host you choose, when you choose your hosting package.

3. Install your blog. There are videos on this page covering every aspect (in Module 2 on the page).


There are stacks of great videos on the page above, and I would encourage you to take some time to look especially at Module 2, the Basic WordPress section, as that is going to help you get going very quickly.