How To Research Your Own Horse Racing Systems

Hi [firstname],

I just added two brand new videos to the members area. First, I uploaded a “How To Research Betting Systems” taster video. This is a short thirteen minute video, where I show you how simple it can be to take an idea and refine it into a profitable system.

It’s got some great content, but I do need to warn you that I look either drunk or hungover in the introduction. Whilst it *was* my birthday yesterday, I can assure you that I had an early night on Saturday… 😉

The video winds up with a system you’re sure to think worthy of following this winter.

Secondly, and importantly, you’ll notice a short video at the top of the page, which explains all about what HorseRacingExperts is, and why I think it will likely be of interest to you. I strongly recommend you take a look at that video, as it will help you to decide whether or not this is for you.

(If it’s not, no problem. Make sure you help yourself to the freebies anyway, with my compliments).

The new video can be found in the members area.

Enjoy 🙂


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