Racing Systems Builder

Racing Systems Builder

“Who Else Wants Access To The Same Amazing Racing Software That Produced TrainerTrackStats (and a Million Other Profit-Sucking Systems) At A Ridiculous 86% Discount?”

Excuse the hyperbole in the headline, but Racing Systems Builder (RSB) is a piece of software about which I’m hugely passionate. It’s no exaggeration to say that RSB is almost single-handedly responsible for my success online.

Give Me Racing Systems Builder!


Because it was when I took an idea that I’d seen somewhere else (trainers’ ‘micro’ records at certain tracks), and ran it through RSB, that I was able to unearth the laser-targeted data nuggets that came to be known as Trainer Track Stats. That was back in 2006, and I’ve been an evangelist of this software ever since.

The power and array of variables is quite staggering, and enables users to ask almost any question they can imagine about trainers and jockeys (and sires and damsires…).

So what kind of things can you do with RSB? Let me give you an example. Let’s say you had a theory about 2yo’s improving from their first to second runs, and wanted to know if this was a profitable angle, here’s how you might go about it:

Step #1: Enter the basic criteria into RSB (2yo’s; finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th last time; run less than twice). Note that I leave out the most recent season – I’ll tell you why shortly:

Step #2: Select ‘Research Variables’ and choose the ‘Add All’ option, and ‘Run Research’. Then click ‘Results Research’:

I add in the fact that boys outperform girls on the flat, and I can see from the research that horses definitely improve for ‘a run and a rest’. That is, those who were having their second start 16-47 days after their first, almost broke even with no other variables considered.

Step #3: I return to the system side (left side) and add Horse, Interval Time (16-47 days) to the system, and then click the ‘Run Research’ button again. This will now look at all research variables against my refined system.

We can see that the inexperienced 2yo’s contesting sprint trips fare better at those shorter distances (perhaps where the benefit of their experience is most apparent). I also noted that it’s worth excluding extremes of odds, so we’re focusing on horses from 6/4 up to 28/1.

So let’s add this rule to our system and see what happens…

Step #4: This simple little system, which took no more than five minutes to pull together, returned a profit in three of the four years under scrutiny. And in the other year, the small loss to SP would have been comfortably transformed into a profit using any of the betting exchanges.

Step #5: Now I’m going to add back in the latest season’s data, as a failsafe, to ensure that it’s likely to still be profitable.

Despite a negligible loss to starting price in 2009, we can see that the strike rate is broadly upheld. When you factor in the roughly 15-20% over SP which can be obtained on Betfair when backing at these odds, you’d be looking at over 10% return on investment even in the ostensible ‘losing years’, and an almost 40% return over the full research period.

And that took less than ten minutes! Imagine how many profitable ‘micro-systems’ you could come up with in an afternoon!

To get hold of the amazing RSB software, you will need to be an ADVANCED member of You can upgrade from PRO membership for just £100 (+ VAT). This is an amazing saving of £598 or 86% off the price of RSB!

Now, before you grab your copy of RSB, there are some facts you need to be aware of. When I was finally granted permission to offer this to you from the guys at Racedata Modelling, they requested I remind you of the following:

1. RSB works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 only. It does NOT work with Mac.

2. The data pack is current to the end of the last flat season, 7th November 2009. There are no current plans for a further data update.

3. There can be no refunds. Purchase is full and final.

OK, so with those ‘terms and conditions’ out of the way, if you’d like to grab hold of the best piece of racing software ever created, at a time when it’s still bang up to date and usable to create and research your own profit-sucking systems, click the link below to get started today!

Give Me Racing Systems Builder!