A Risk-Free Way To Make £500+ Per Month

In today’s article I’m going to show you a simple technique that I use, my stepfather uses and other family and friends use to each make an extra few hundred pounds every single month, completely risk free.

This is something anyone can do. It’s quick, easy, completely painless and ridiculously profitable. In fact, it’s so damn easy that when my stepfather was in hospital recently I showed my 60 year old mother, who has never placed a bet in her life before, how to do it and she picked it up in minutes.

So without further ado [firstname], let’s shoot straight to the money.

There are two things you’ll need to operate this:

  1. A Betfair Account (or Betdaq, whatever).
  2. A Bet365 Account.

You’ll also need about 10 minutes free a day, which you can do in your lunch hour (although, as I’ll explain later, if you can watch the market for a couple of races in the afternoon, it’s more advantageous) and to get the most out of it you’ll ideally need a few hundred in each account. You can start with much less than that, but to maximise your profits that’s what you need. I’d even dip into a credit card for this – it’s that good!

Now, here’s the deal…

Every day of the week Bet365 have two feature races where if you back a winner at 4/1 or bigger they give you a free bet to the same stake, up to a maximum of £50, on the next feature race. They also have the same promotion running for every televised race that’s shown on Channel 4 and BBC, so even when the racing is quiet it probably averages out at about 20 races a week that you can do this on… often more than that.

That’s probably not news to many of you, but how to take advantage of this properly might be.

This is what you do…

  1. Place £50 on a selection in each feature race at 4/1 or higher with Bet365.
  2. Go straight onto Betfair and lay the same selection for £62.50.
  3. If the horse loses you make £12.50 (£9.38 minus 5% commission) on Betfair.
  4. If the horse wins you lose on Betfair, but you get £50 back to bet on the next race with Bet365.

The trick here is to try and back and lay as close as possible to 4/1, which more often than not I find that I’m able to, but I tend to check the market before the off and place my bets then. In fact, I’ll regularly actually lay the selection at UNDER the price I’ve taken on Bet365 when I keep an eye on the market. So, while it is possible to do it in your lunch hour, I’d recommend doing it right before the race starts if you can.

What happens when the horse wins?

When you find a winner, which you can realistically expect to happen 1 time in every 5 races at 4/1, because you’ve layed an extra £12.50 above your back stake it means that you lose an extra £50 on Betfair (£12.50 at 4/1) that isn’t covered by your £50 back bet on Bet365. However, because they then give you a free bet to the same stake on the next feature race it’s covered too. In the following race you should only aim to recoup your initial £50 from the losing bet and the same if you hit a run of consecutive winners.

What happens when the horse loses?

The ideal scenario here is that you continue to find loser after loser, because it’s the losers you make money from. The free bets they give you don’t come into play until you find a winner and all you’re doing then is aiming to do is recoup your loss (minus a little commission) from the winning bet.

Something to consider…

Earlier on I mentioned that the odds you back and lay at is the key ingredient here. You don’t want to be backing at 4/1 and then having to lay off at 6.0, because if the horse goes on to win you’re losing a fair bit more than is covered by your free bet on the next feature race, so ideally you should aim to be backing and laying at approximately the same odds on both. I do quite often beat the back odds when I’m laying, and you should be able to too, but you can afford to go slightly higher and still make good money with this method.

And remember, too, that there are many times throughout the year when there’s live televised racing on midweek. We’ve got Cheltenham, York, Aintree, Ascot, Chester, etc. etc. which are all ripe for the plucking, so if you take full advantage of this promotion and the many others Bet365 and other bookmakers offer throughout the year, £500 a month is quite realistic. You could possibly do much better.

Now, think about this [firstname]… there’s nothing stopping your friends, your Auntie, your Gran, your workmates, whoever you like, setting up their own accounts to do it too. Hint, hint. You get the picture.

So go forth and make yourself some easy money this week.

It would be almost criminal not to… 😉

UPDATE: Many thanks to Paul who was posting in the comments below (the other Paul) we’ve now got a spreadsheet you can use to track your trades from this. There are two sheets – Data – which is for inputting your bets and – Sample – which is, as the name suggests, just a sample sheet to give you an idea of how it works.

[ Click Here To Download Your Free Bet365 Tracker Spreadsheet ]

(Please note that OpenOffice is required, but it’s FREE!)

What you need to do is enter your starting bank in cell C2 and then enter your back stake, your back odds, your lay odds and the result (enter as W or L) and everything else will be calculated for you automatically. There are two sample trades in here already, which you can overwrite, then to add a new trade, simply select all of the data in the second row and copy and paste it to the third row, and so on for all subsequent trades.

Remember that this method is 100% full-proof, it’s guaranteed to make you money, and the rewards for the time invested are amazing, so you should grab the opportunity to take the easy money while you can!


83 Responses to “A Risk-Free Way To Make £500+ Per Month”
  1. Ronnie Nicolson says:

    You are forgetting about the 5% comission on the winning £50… that comes to £2-50 per losing bet.

  2. Toby Drysdale says:

    Nice little tip Matt. If people are wanting to work out the odds and what to lay at – you can go to the Bettrick,com site I run and use the calculators we have on there. Now you will have to sign up – and I hope people don’t take this as spamming this site – it’s free to sign up (for the moment – as we will be charging for sign up in the near future – but if you sign up now it’s free). You can only use the calculators when you are logged in. The site has just had a major re-work, so not everything is up as it should be, but the calculators are.

    Hope this helps and please excuse me if it seems spammy, it;’s not meant to be, it’s just a genuine offer of a little help to compliment Matts tip.

    • Paul says:

      No problem Toby – your site looks great, very handy!

      ~ Paul

      • Paul Strawford says:

        Hi Guys,
        I like to think these things through and test out worst case scenarios…what happens if/when you get 2 or 3 winners in a row (by Winners I mean the 4/1 Pick on B365?)

        I did write a little vb app once and it seemed a lot of risk for little reward or am I missing something…
        I’d definitely do this if I felt the risk was super low but am wondering what happens in the above scenario…

        • Paul says:

          Bet365 keep giving you free bets every time you pick a winner Paul, so it shouldn’t make any difference.

          It depends on what you consider little reward I suppose. If it pays for a free family holiday every year, I think that’s pretty cool. I’m around the computer all day anyway, so it isn’t much of an effort either. It only takes 10 minutes, so when you look at it that way it probably works out at something like £200 an hour 🙂

          ~ Paul

          • Paul Strawford says:

            Thanks for the reply Paul,
            What I mean is that if we get [x] number of the 4/1 bets coming in, our equity in the free bet goes donwn surely?
            I mean if we lose £12.50 approx (+comm?) then 4 winners in a row, however unlikely would wipe out all profit yes?
            Sorry if I’m being braindead…


          • Paul Strawford says:

            Also, Paul – It’s worth noting that you MUST use the free bet in the very next race…That has worried me as what do you do if there is no suitable selection i.e. the Betfair price is too far out (which I did see a number of times when I fist heard of this!)

            Thanks for the help again ;¬)


          • Anthony says:

            Hi and thanks for sharing this.

            I am not sure it is risk free. If your first bet wins you lose £50 in your example (+200 b365, -250 bf). This is supposedly compensated by a £50 free bet. However if your free bet loses, you are still £50 down. Let’s say this happens 3 more times where you get a free bet and they also lose, meaning you are now £200 down. Then the next free bet wins at 4/1 which claws back the £200 losses which seems fine. However, you will very likely sustain longer losing runs than 4 which may break your bank. Further, unless you are good at picking value bets in the b365 feature race you will lose money due to b365’s margin in its prices.

            Or perhaps you lay the free bet on bf which recoups £47.50 if the horse loses (-0 b365, +50*.95 bf) which gives a small £2.50 loss. However, if the horse wins we get a zero net return (+200 b365 -200 bf) [or more likely a small loss given the premium on bf prices versus SP] and are therefore we still £50 down from the beginning!

            I imagine I am missing something. Anyhow, I don’t think it is as simple and risk free as it might appear.

            I would be interested to know how long you have been doing this Paul (or indeed anyone else) and what actual profit has been made in that period. Certainly interesting and appears to be some value in it if one is careful.

    • Tony Ryan says:

      When I tried to register on Bettricks.com it says that User Registration is currently not allowed? Any ideas?

      • Paul says:

        Yeah, same here Tony.

        Maybe Toby will be able to help…

        • Toby Drysdale says:

          Haha – Chris has been doing some tests on the site and forgot to re-instate registrations – sorted now. It’s set at 14 days for the moment for a free account – if anybody wants to sign up for longer, just sign up to the 14 day version and I’ll edit it manually from withing the site

          Sorry about that folks

          and thanks for the compliment Paul – it should be fully out of beta within 2 weeks

          *fingers crossed*

        • Shakeel Butt says:

          Hi Paul

          Probably a silly question but if you back a selection at 4/1 and your selection is 7/2 at the off and Wins. Does that mean you’ll still get a free bet as your winner wasn’t at 4/1 or more.

          • Paul says:

            Not a silly question at all Shakeel.

            If you take 4/1 then it qualifies, regardless of whether the price shortens up.

            The only time you need to watch, as I was just saying below, is if there’s a rule 4 and that reduces the price to less than 4/1. This would deem the bet invalid for the free bet offer, so if you can wait until close to the off it’s better.

  3. Paul says:

    I need to reply here Paul as the nested replies only allow up to 5.

    Yes, you’re right…. it doesn’t matter if the winners are consecutive or not though. The more winners you get the less money you make. I’ve just quoted it based on the fact that the true chance of a 4/1 shot winning is 1 in 5, but less winners mean more profit and more winners means less.

    ~ Paul

    • Paul Strawford says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the reply – Yer, so basically although it is unlikely..if we did have 3 or 4 winners in a row we would then have to accept a loss but hopefully over time this would balance out 😮


  4. Paul Strawford says:

    A quick Post in reply to Anthony

    Mate, I think ur missing the Betfair lay side of the equation…so when the horse loses thats where we make money on the extra lay stake! It’s all explained by Matt if you read through it again carefully!
    As I stated in one of my other posts, if you had 3 or 4 of them come in in a row (highly unlikely mind u!) you would then incur losses!

    Hope that explains it.


    • Anthony says:

      No I haven’t missed the £12.50s we would make. That is clear and I understand the methodology. I am focusing on the times we don’t win £12.50 which is where there is exposure that could lead to significantly lower profits and possibly (although remote) a loss, especially if you’re laying at a significant premium over SP.

      • Paul says:

        You’re right…. you don’t want to be laying at significantly over the back price, but if you can watch the market before the off you’ll be surprised how many times you can get in and back a horse at larger odds with the bookie before they have a chance to change the odds. Betfair often moves faster than the bookies these days.

        • Anthony says:

          Thanks Paul – I am reassured that I’m not going mad! It certainly has value and seems worth doing especially when you can watch the markets

          • Paul says:

            Yeah, I do think that’s a major plus if you can Anthony. One thing I forgot to mention is that if there’s a rule 4 and it reduces the odds to below 4/1, then it doesn’t qualify for the free bet, so doing it as late as possible makes sense from that point of view too.

  5. Paul Strawford says:

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to say that I think I made a boo-boo too lol!
    I am going to write a spreadsheet example and if Matt or Paul can tell me how, I’ll post a dl link to in in the forum ;¬)


  6. Paul says:

    @Paul – the Betfair price could be too far out, but in my experience I normally always catch one that will be suitable. The majority of the time you aren’t playing up your free bets anyway.

    @Anthony – you continue to lay off the free bets too to recoup the stake on the previous losing one. I was doing this probably two years ago when all they offered was the C4 races, but they must have had the daily feature race offer on now for a year at least. I don’t keep a record of this alone as it’s mixed in with everything else I do, but my stepfather has had one month recently where he made over £600 and I’m sure his worst month made over £300. Even saying that you did half of what I’ve quoted here it still isn’t bad… it would pay for a holiday.

  7. Paul Strawford says:

    Great Stuff – I think I’m gonna give this a go as I could use the money to build a betting bank for other systems ;¬)


    • hugh mcleish says:

      hi there sorry guys ive seen this 1 many times nice idea all the same but not for those with a small betting bank i thinkkkk.

      • hugh mcleish says:

        Actually what i should have said is not i think but i know i did try this out a few months ago but if it wasn’t for bad luck then i’d have no luck lol but hey thats life we can only try.It may seem slim to hit four winners in a row but it can and does happen and sometimes right at the start i’m not trying to be negative guys as i doubt any1 could have my luck lol.My fav saying is roll on death till i get a long lie but whats the betting with my luck that i dont even get that, im glad im a happy kind of guy and its not the first time i’ve lost my betting bank but i do know lots of ways how not to succeed i just need to find at least 1 way on how to and you know guys thats why im here i’ve been following matts blogs for a while and his whole attitude makes me think that if we are gonna have success then we and myself especially could do a whole lot worse than listen to what he says he makes a whole lot of sense which is why i jumped at the chance to join HRE im sure that as time passes i will learn a great deal more here than some other sites i’ve been on.So for myself this is prob the best £47 quid i’ll have spent, I’m sure many of us have spent more and all we have gotten is total BS well guys think i’m gonna hit the sack got work in a few hours so best get some sleep.

        • Paul says:

          Hi Hugh,

          Consecutive winners don’t actually make that much difference – pennies on the pound in the big scheme of things as you’re cancelling them out with the free bets. That said, the more losers you find the better.

          Thanks for your kind feedback about the site!

          ~ Paul

  8. jon kinnear says:

    thats awesome this is the kind of info i signed up for thanks matt

  9. Paul says:

    I just posted an update to this post with a spreadsheet you can use to track your trades. If you have any questions or problems using it please ask.

    ~ Paul

    • Paul Strawford says:

      Hi Paul,
      Just to let you know the downloaded zip folder doesn’t seem to contain a spreadsheet just config files and xml files??


      • Paul says:

        It’s not a zip file, it’s an OpenOffice file Paul. I’ll add a note about that.

        ~ Paul

        • jim donnelly says:

          is anyone else having a problem downloading the spreadsheet. I’ve downloaded openoffice, and then allegedly the spreadsheet, but none of the downloaded files look like the spreadsheet or open up as the spreadsheet, IT skills about average but not really getting to grips with this one…

  10. What do we do when the prices just don’t fit e.g the 5.10 at kempton today? The top horse is 7-2 and the next is 5-1?

    • Paul says:

      The top one actually drifted from 10/3 to 5/1 Stuart, then got beat, so it was possible to move in there and take the odds as they were moving, which is where watching the market before the off comes in handy. Over £20k was actually matched at around the 4/1 mark.

      If you’re really stuck for a selection and you’re not on a free bet at the time there’s no need to cover the race anyway. If the odds were too far out and there was no obligation to bet, I’d just leave it alone too.

      ~ Paul

      • Richard Lyne says:

        It’s not clear to me what one does with the free bet after a winner. Do you repeat the process and ofset the bet on betfair or do you find a “likely” winner at say 1/1 for the free bet?

        If the free bet loses surely you have effectively lost your deficit on betfair unless you try to offest the free bet.

        • Paul says:

          If you use the spreadsheet it actually shows you Richard. With the free bet you should go for 4/1 or above again, because then if it wins you get another free bet. If it doesn’t all you lose is a couple of pounds in commission. The spreadsheet lays it all out for you.

          ~ Paul

          • Richard Lyne says:

            Thanks Paul. My fault, I was trying to understand the system without looking at the spreadsheet.

    • Gavin Horwood says:

      it would also work with a selection @5/1 in exactly the same way as if the price was 4/1, except that instead of laying £12.50, you’d lay £10, as the offer is for horses priced 4/1 or more, you’d just stand to make a couple of quid less

  11. Eamon Roberts says:

    Hi Paul,

    Is there an easy way to find out which are the feature races that have the offer running on Bet365? Do you have to click through each race at each meeting to see if the offer applies?



  12. Are bet365 no longer doing best odds guaranteed? I placed a bet this morning priced at 4.50 and it’s been settled at 4.15 !!

  13. jim donnelly says:

    Paul, if I place a bet @4/1 or higher, and it wins, do I have to use the free bet in the next featured race, or can I use it when I’m next able to logon. You can see the problem here. If I bet on the first featured race before going to work and its a winner, I won’t be able to bet on the next race. Sorry if you’ve covered this before. I’m really enjoying the contributions from everyone…

    • Paul says:

      You need to do it on the next feature race Jim, so you should place both bets at the same time. The way it works with the free bet is that you need to actually place it yourself first, with your own money, and then if it loses they reimburse your stake within an hour or so. If it wins then the free bet carries over to the next feature race.

      ~ Paul

      • Gavin Horwood says:

        oh ok, so each day you’d place a £50 bet on any 4/1 horse in ALL (?) the featured races to which you’d then lay off, and if the first selection won, you’d then get a refund on your stake in the second race. but at this point, the idea of the second race is to regain your loses on betfair from the first race. correct?

    • Dave Halley says:

      The bet has to be placed on the next featured race – also, if it’s the last of the day then your free bet applies to the first of the featured races the next day.

  14. Paul says:

    @Jim – it shouldn’t make any difference if it comes via email or using the download link. If you’ve got OpenOffice installed it should recognise it, so if you save it to your hard drive it should work fine.

    @Lance – a Rule4 could actually be as much as 90 pence in the pound, although that’s highly unlikely, if there was a hot favourite and some other runners who are pulled out. That’s why backing them as late as possible is better.

    @theleaner – I don’t know. I’ve never tried to cancel a bet before, but perhaps if you called them and requested that it might be fine. Maybe someone else will be able to tell you for sure.

  15. Bernard Gaughran says:

    it looks like a great little system. The spreadsheet is very useful.

    Is it easy to make withdrawals from Bet365? For liquidity purposes, I would need to withdraw the profits from Bet365 to cover my BetFair arrears. Now, I know overall, this will make profits, but you still need to manage the funds between each account

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, Bet365 are fine. I’m with the Bank Of Scotland and if I make a withdrawal on a Tuesday it’s in my bank account by the Thursday. I’ve used them for years without any problems.

  16. Bernard Gaughran says:

    Hi Paul,
    great work. Do you know if you have a qualified winner how to find out if you received the bonus 50 euro bet? Can you tell before you place the bonus bet? If so, how? I backed a 4/1 winner on my first bet on the 2nd race today, but am unsure if it qualified for the free bet tomorrow.

    Secondly, if you have a qualified winner, do you *have* to use it on the next qualifying race (ie first race tomorrow), or can you wait until and put it on any qualifying race in the next couple of days.

    Are there any other online bookies with similar offers to take advantage of?

  17. Paul says:

    You might be able to check it by going to Members and then Balances. I can’t remember offhand, but that’s where other types of bonuses show up.

    Yes, you must place it on the next qualifying race. If you don’t then you lose it.

    Bet365 is the only one that do this particular bonus, but there are others who run different promos from time to time that you can do something similar with. The big bonus time of the year is Cheltenham week in March… last year wasn’t quite as lucrative as previous years, but over the last 5-6 years I’ve probably averaged about £1500 a year in what’s essentially free money over the course of 3-4 days. You know, it’s not a fortune, but my view is that if it’s available then you should take it. It’s not a lot of effort to do and £1500 is enough to pay for a decent holiday every year.

    ~ Paul

  18. Paddy says:

    I haven’t seen in my Bet365 account anywhere where it indicates if you have qualified for a free Bet on the next Feature Race. Maybe some other readers will know?

    ONE IMPORTANT POINT….I am testing this system now with real money. My first 2 bets actually won….however when I tried to use my free bet on the 3.20 in Nottingham, I could not find a suitable back/lay combination, and I started to check the odds first about 1.5 hours before the race, and then 5 minutes before the race. Paul, from experience, how often does this happen? Because now I am down 42.50 and have lost the free bet 🙁 So effectively am starting from scratch but with 42.50 to make up!

    Would you not see this as a risk/weakness of the system?

  19. Paul says:

    This bonus bet possibly doesn’t even show up in your account…. they do pay it though.

    OK, what to do if you can’t find something at around the 4/1 mark in the next qualifying race is to look higher, say 5/1, because all you’re doing in the next race is attempting to recoup the £50 you lost in the race before. So you can effectively go as high as you like, but you should still aim to try and find one that’s trading around the same mark with the bookies as on BF. It’s very, very rare that there won’t be at least one who is trading at the same, or even lower, than with the bookies.

    ~ Paul

  20. Paddy says:

    Hi Paul,
    thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I am keen to make this work. I dont know about you, but I had mixed success with this today. I genuinely could not find a bet today in the first race where the 365 odds were trading close or higher than the BF odds…so I ignored the first qualifying race. Luckily, I did not have a free bet to use, but I am concerned of course if this was the case. As I mentioned earlier, I have had this experience already with a free bet which I could not place which incurred me a loss.
    On the 2nd race, I had better luck, but I was not able to find suitable odds until seconds before the off. In that case, I backed a 365 horse at 4/1 and managed to get BF odds at 4.6, which was great. The horse lost and I profited 9.38, but I am still 33.12 overall.
    Is it your experience that you have to wait to right before the off before you can get suitable odds? 365 do not support ‘in play’ bets, so it is really running the risk of missing a bet if you have to leave it this close.

    Sorry…not meant to be a rant…just my genuine experience

    • Paul says:

      I was out this afternoon so couldn’t manage it, but I do tend to do it before the off Paddy. If you wait until then you’re not relying on Bet365’s own early prices, you’re betting alongside the liveshows and you’ll find that it’s easier to get one matched up where the odds aren’t too different. Like you saw today with the 4/1 and 4.6, it’s actually quite common to be able to lay at below the bookie odds and if you manage that then it’s a double score.

      You should always place your first bet with the bookie too, so that you know it’s matched and then if needs be you can bet in-play on BF.

      ~ Paul

  21. steven clark says:

    i don’t want to dampen anyones fire but a word of warning, they are not called bet £3-65 for nothing. they do like to restrict accounts to such small amounts that it makes them as good as closed. i was doing a similair thing where i was backing over 4/1 and then laying off on betfair. in came a few winners and they slammed the shutters down even before i could finish the joining promotion. bet £3-65 regularly offer better odds than other bookies so these promotions work really well, (i wish i could still do them). i have heard of people doing these offers for a long time but i would advise you to place bets of a similiar amount on other races and lay them off at betfair (just to get your money back if necssary) to make them think you are a mug punter not a bonus hunter. keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get too many winners. good luck.

    • Paul says:

      I’ve been doing this for a while Steven without any problems, but then I also use them for other bets. I’ve actually had more problems with WillHill and Ladbrokes restricting my bets in the way you describe, but 365, Coral and VCBet have always been fine. At least two of those are reasonable winning accounts too.

      It’s definitely something to keep in mind though.

      ~ Paul

  22. Paddy says:

    Hi Paul,
    have you noticed now on the featured races that there is a red symbol displayed which means “no Rule 4 applicable”. I assume this would mean there is no good reason that the bet on the first featured race cannot be placed early, such as the evening before once the odds are favourable?

    • I got deducted on Rule 4 on the very first race I tried this on!

    • Alex Charity says:

      I have been using Bet 365 for the horses and also the sky greyhounds.Any winner over 2/1 allows a free bet on the next race.The problem with th greyhounds is the difference in the prices between the bookmakers and the exchanges.

    • Paul says:

      I just checked and every race has that little symbol Paddy. If you take an early price and they pull out a favourite, for example, they’d have to apply a rule 4. I think all it means is that there isn’t a rule 4 applicable to the prices they’re showing at the time.

      • Alex Charity says:

        Over the evening they show 8 races between 19:40 to 21:45, with the feature race the last and normally a strong market because of anti-post betting.Normally 2-3 races cannot easily be bet because of the strength of the first two in the betting.I have also noticed that if you take the price they appear to use that as the basis for the free bet, if there are no reserves.Be carefull with betting on the last race as you may need to wait 2-3 weeks to claim your free bet.

        • Mark Adams says:

          Hi sorry i havent been online for a while living in Bishkek.I used to bet with bet365 the 4/1 offer.This may help increase the profits if they havent fixed it you used to be able to bet 25 E/W if it won you would still get the 50 free bet.If it came placed you would get your lay bet + the E/W.If it loses you will get your lay bet.MO!

          • Paul says:

            I think all they do now is refund the difference if the horse places and doesn’t win, so I think you would lose out on some of the profit doing it that way now Mark.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks Alex – I’ll definitely check that out this week!

  23. jim donnelly says:

    No comments on this site for a couple of weeks! Would any members like to give some feedback if they’re using this ‘system’. I’ve used small stakes (close to paper-trading) for about a month. Isn’t it funny how you can touch for a series of winners when your not actually wanting them. This results in money quickly moving from Betfair to Bet365. I havn’t actually been losing money but sometimes you have to reload the Betfair account in order to keep going.

    • Mike Hodgson says:

      Hi all,

      Played around with this a few years ago but didn’t have time to concentrate on it.

      Recently decided to reinstate it as I had some spare time to fill.

      The upshot is that playing with a mix of £25 and £50 bets I made £271 over 20 days.

      Of the 46 bets made, 6 horses won. (As yet B365 haven’t closed me down)

      I actually modified the spreadsheet because
      1. It didn’t cope with 2 winners on the trot
      2. I modified the staking ratio to limit possible losses if the bets had to be staked at more than 5.0

      This means That I sometimes make less than £9.50 per horse but reduces the effect of hitting a 8/1 winner.

      I would recommend paper trading to get a feel for the possible outcomes before leaping in with £50

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