Me, enjoying a sunny day in the Lakes

Matt Bisogno,

My name is Matt Bisogno, and I’ve been actively involved in horse racing for more than two decades.

Having started out as a raw novice,with high hopes and little idea, I became certain that it was possible to win at horse racing, if a systematic approach was employed.

Since then, I’ve tried pretty much everything you can think of to get ahead of the bookmaker (who, these days, might easily be you or another reader, due to the advent of Betfair and the like).

Through my twenty years of research, I’ve found a few methods that – year in, year out – help me stay closer to level than the most gamblers, and my specific systems research has enjoyed huge public success, with over 2,000 copies of my betting manuals sold since I began online in 2006.

I have a aspiration for this site, which is to make it the best horse racing systems resource available. And, importantly, it is a site that will encourage contributions from all of its users, rather than just me and the other moderators. I hope you will take the opportunity to add your opinions to the many lively discussions in the forum area.

Originally from Bournemouth, and still a big supporter of the Cherries, I’ve lived in London since 1992.

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