Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about “Horse Racing Experts”, or about the information on these pages? In this section you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from our readers and subscribers, but if you have any other questions or queries feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

  1. What Is “Horse Racing Experts”?

    The purpose of “Horse Racing Experts” is to provide a haven for horse racing systems enthusiasts. It’s objective is to ‘turn enthusiasts into professionals’, by giving you the tools, techniques and support you need to design and build their own horse racing systems.

  2. Who Is Behind “Horse Racing Experts”?

    “Horse Racing Experts” is the brainchild of Matt Bisogno, an experienced bettor and seasoned racing systems expert, but the real power behind the website actually comes from the readers and subscribers themselves as we actively encourage you to voice your own opinions and ideas in the forum.

  3. What Are Your Credentials?

    Matt is a former IT programme manager with a major UK bank, who has also worked in the field of management consultancy. But it is his love of horse racing that came to the fore, and for the last three years, Matt has been a significant online presence, both through his extremely popular racing blogs and his betting services. Originally responsible for Nag Nag Nag and TrainerTrackStats (both subsequently handed over to Gavin Priestley), Matt now oversees Flat Racing Profiles and his new blog, Geegeez.

  4. What Can I Do At “Horse Racing Experts”?

    “Horse Racing Experts” is a one stop shop for all things horse racing systems related. As well as being a hotbed of lively debate on system idess, current product releases, and the like, you’ll also find tools to help you track your own systems; product reviews; and, of course, the opportunity to be a ‘guinea pig’ for other people’s system ideas.

  5. Do You Contribute To The Forums Yourself?

    Yes! In a word. I love talking about betting systems, and am at my happiest in the company of like-minded people, which is one of the main reasons I set this site up. You’ll find me posting in the forums on a very regular basis, and I’ll be adding system ideas and even fully working systems at least once a month.  But the real beauty of “Horse Racing Experts” is the community that it has created. The contributions of these people will add far more value than I could ever hope to on my own, and this is what really excites me about “Horse Racing Experts”.

  6. What Can I Expect From The Premium Package At “Horse Racing Experts”?

    The Pro Members’ access to the site is much broader, and provides access to stacks more premium content, not available to free members. Moreover, when you sign up for the Pro Membership, you’ll also receive a DVD set, containing three disks and over three hours of content on how to research racing systems, where to go on the internet to research systems for free (or nearly free), and what to look out for when devising systems. You’ll also get a brilliant starter pack, to get you off to a flyer. [ Learn More ]

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