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With the unfortunate dating of the race data in RSB as time passes from the point that updates ceased, I’ve been spending a lot of time searching for the best alternative. And, for me, it is (HRB) without a doubt.

Now, although there is a small fee for using HRB, I think after you watch the video below, you’ll see how totally worth it that fee is!

In this video, I show you a few of the brilliant features in HRB that I use, and also go into some detail on how to take an idea, and refine it into a profitable system, and then how to get the qualifiers emailed to you each day. Genius. 🙂

There is a link beneath the video to register with HorseRaceBase. All new signups will be treated to a three day trial, so you can have a tinker before working out whether it’s worth you taking the plunge. I hope you like it! [HINT: to watch in full screen mode, click the ‘four arrow’ symbol bottom right of the video]


Here’s the link to sign up for your free trial of  Try here. (and if you do, I’ll make a whopping commission of about four euros! Woohoo!)




2 Responses to “How To Use To Build Systems”
  1. John Chambers says:

    I like the system builder and to produce a high strike rate low risk strategy is great for building up a decent betting bank, but sadly I would not have been smart enough to pick out that jockey and the key trainers that produced the edge if I am brutally honest!!!
    I was looking at the Geeks toy and all the trading charts it showed and at the end of the training videos they still said they had no idea what direction the market would go and my head was spinning!
    Have you any trends that have a trading angle in them as on their forum there is a real mystic on what actually works.

    • John Chambers says:

      Hi I meant to say a real mystique on what actually works!
      I find that when trying a few systems its annoying when only one makes a profit and the rest suck that away, most people would say just give up the unprofitable ones, but if they come from a respected source who advise a 100 point bank you feel like you should give them a chance to come good.
      Its worse if you pay a quarterly charge and you have had 12 weeks of seeing your bank disapear gradually and its time to stump up a fee to carry on. because if you decrease your stake it might be differcult to cover the fee and still make a profit.
      I would love to have three that make a long term profit and build up a strong bank then I could move forward and compound some profit for a change!

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