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“Researching Horse Racing Systems For Free” DVD Set

Researching Horse Racing Systems For Free DVD SetThis DVD set contains three hours of content recorded at an exclusive training workshop I hosted, where attendees paid £1,997 to be there, and as you’ll see from the DVD’s, you’ll learn HOW to create profitable betting systems; WHERE to go to do your research for free (or nearly free); and then WHAT to look out for to ensure your findings are reliable!

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20 Red Hot Angles To Create Your Own Horse Racing Systems

20 Red Hot Angles To Create Your Own Horse Racing SystemsIn this supplementary manual you’ll find no less than 20 different angles with which to research your own horse racing systems, plus 16 fully prepared systems to get you started right away. Of course, as you start to play with some of these angles, you’ll quickly think of your own ideas, which will in turn throw up still more possible angles for your own systems!

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Exclusive Access To Our Horse Racing Researchers Forum

Exclusive Access To Our Horse Racing Researchers ForumIn our private member’s forum you’ll get front row seats at what I hope will quickly prove to be the best racing systems forum on the internet. Here, you’ll be able to trade ideas, road test other people’s systems, run your thoughts about system angles past experienced and knowledgeable ‘insiders’, and ask questions of myself and the other moderators.

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Systems Tracker Spreadsheets

Systems Tracker SpreadsheetsOur Systems Tracker Spreadsheets enable you to track the performance of your back and lay bets with consumate ease, but if you have any questions about using them please ask in the forum and we’ll be happy to help. The spreadsheets were created in Excel, but they’re 100% compatible with OpenOffice and you can download it completely free of charge.

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The Handicap Chase Outsiders System

The Handicap Chase Outsiders SystemThis is a simple, but effective, system that has identified winners at 33/1, 40/1, 50/1 and even 66/1 (twice!). It also has an excellent strike rate (relative to win odds) of 10%. Like I said, the system is very simple, but don’t let that deceive you as it’s been extraordinarily profitable in recent seasons, and there’s no reason to believe that it will end any time soon!

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2 Red Hot Angles To Create Your Own Horse Racing Systems

One of the toughest (if not the toughest) part of creating your own horse racing system is finding a starting point, or an angle. We here at HorseRacingExperts know this… which is why, in this taster manual, you’ll find a couple of different angles from which you might decide to begin your research. (There’s no less than TWENTY in the full version!)

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How To Research Your Own Horse Racing Systems

In this short 13 minute video I’ll show you how simple it can be to take an idea and refine it into a profitable system. I’ll walk you through the entire process of breaking a system down, applying your own filters and then by the end of the video you’ll wind up with a brand new betting system that you’re sure to think worthy of following over the course of this winter.

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